Audit Preparation


BTQ’s expert record-keeping facilitates and expedites the work of your outside auditor.  We prepare all of your annual audit documents in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, we handle funder audits related to specific contracts.

BTQ manages all of the client’s financial records and functions. Our role will include the following tasks:

  • Timely compilation and presentation of detailed financial information
  • Plan and manage the mandatory annual audit for each client with an outside audit firm
  • Submission of audit copies to board of trustees and all funders
  • Handle funder audits which include matching actual expenses to allowed expenses on each contract under examination
  • Assist clients with the compilation of data to file the mandatory annual Medicaid Cost Report with New York State
  • Prepare Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR) with government entities and liaise with outside auditing firm to certify findings

We promise well-executed and stress-free fiscal management.

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