BTQ Financial is a New York based firm that offers high quality, customized financial outsourcing services to meet the fiscal and accounting needs of nonprofit and complementary for-profit organizations.

BTQ is committed to serving the nonprofit sector. 

Since 2001, BTQ has been a national leader of a back office outsourcing solution tailored to nonprofits. It achieves the highest industry standards of internal controls and transparency for financial operations, allowing its nonprofit clients to focus on their missions and delivery of services. 

BTQ Financial has a professional and mission-driven staff of over 50 employees.  Because our core competency is financial and accounting services for nonprofits, we enable nonprofit executives to focus time, energy and resources on providing the services and programming to foster healthier, more informed and vibrant communities worldwide.

Consider the Benefits

BTQ offers your organization built-in scalability. Whether your organization is experiencing quick growth or is facing contraction in the economic downturn, BTQ's outsourcing solution will meet your organization's needs.