Medical Billing


The timely recovery of revenues is one of the most important considerations facing nonprofit organizations.

For health care agencies this means achieving high collection in Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance plans.

We support our clients in meeting industry regulatory and payor requirements.

BTQ provides the greatest level of compliance, control, confidentiality, and cost effectiveness.

BTQ specializes in the implementation of new electronic practice management systems and electronic medical records systems.

We integrate these new electronic systems into the Advanced Data Systems (ADS) billing system.

Our medical billing clients receive the following services:

  • Design of policies, procedures, and operational processes for successful third party medical billings
  • Weekly HIPAA-compliant claim submission on established schedule
  • Posting of remittances within ten business days of receipt
  • Hands-on direction from staff on resolving unpaid claims
  • Monthly collection reports
  • Monthly denial report by user and resolution code
  • Advisement and assistance in implementation of industry best-practices strategies
  • Comprehensive reports which detail all outstanding accounts receivable for the prior 24 month period and reflect collections and write-offs

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