Our Organization

Our Approach


Unlike consulting or accounting firms, BTQ will become a seamless part of your financial and accounting operations.

BTQ provides a comprehensive and all-inclusive approach.

A Client Manager functions as your CFO, and along with a team of accountants, she or he will oversee all of your organization's financial operations. Frequent communication keeps your executive staff informed and up to date on all details of your finances.

BTQ values a true partnership with its nonprofit clients and provides them with customized solutions and senior management attention that will address their unique needs. Transparency, professionalism, and a customer-centered approach are the hallmarks of BTQ’s service. Our reputation depends on your satisfaction and trust in our services.

BTQ staff takes a team-oriented approach in all aspects of our client relationship.

All levels of management (principles, operations team and client managers) are involved with clients and their financial accounting needs.

Additionally, a team of senior and junior accountants, accounts payable specialists, and grant/contract managers work with each client.

Our Client Managers are considered to be members of our client's staff. They are in constant contact with nonprofit executive staff through email, conference calls, meetings and board presentations.

BTQ uses the highest performing technology platforms, increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for its clients.

BTQ has made significant investments in mid-market accounting products provided through Microsoft Business Solutions and other vendors.

Our reporting and analysis offers each client a sense of well-being in terms of its financial management.

We enable senior executives to gain greater control of their organization's finances.

Timely, clear and transparent communication ensures that a client’s management team and Board fully understand current financial position, forecast and potential problems on the horizon.

Imagine Financial Well-Being

"Beyond the day-to-day accounting, BTQ's partnership has really helped us. Our procedures and controls are tight, our audits are clean, and we go home each evening knowing we are doing our fiscal management the right way."     

--Nonprofit Executive of a Multi-Service AIDS Organization