Outsourced Financial & Accounting Services


BTQ’s core competency is financial and accounting outsourcing services for nonprofits.

Accounting tasks are completed cheaper, quicker and better by our team of specialists.

BTQ becomes your fiscal department, providing all services from CFO to invoice processing.

This means:

  • BTQ takes full responsibility for the transactional and reporting related to the financial operations of its clients.
  • BTQ becomes a true partner and a seamless member of your management and operations teams.
  • BTQ provides the required resources for nonprofits to achieve the greatest level of control, confidentiality, and cost effectiveness.
  • BTQ provides objective information and sound fiscal analysis required to make timely and appropriate management decisions.

The BTQ model offers nonprofits a long-term and highly flexible model of financial management, one that can grow and contract with the client organization.

  • Nonprofit challenge: In many fiscal departments, there is not a clear match of professional skills to the needs of the agency, primarily because it is generally not feasible to hire portions of people.
  • The BTQ solution: The BTQ model provides for the matching of staffing levels and expertise to the specific needs of the fiscal operations.

BTQ’s client organizations have been able to focus on expanding their mission-related services.

  • Attract more capital from both the public and private sectors through clean and timely audits, and regular and comprehensive financial reports.
  • Expand their entrepreneurial endeavors based on their ability to show strong financial management to lenders and investors. 

BTQ works closely with each client to design a customized service package that responds to the unique agency needs and goals.

BTQ respects the culture and needs of nonprofit organizations, their clients and customers.

Consider the Benefits

Outsourcing with BTQ offers your organization access to a higher level of technical expertise, and in-house staff is free to undertake more productive and stimulating work.