Our Organization

Our History


In 2001, a partnership of nonprofit organizations and financial professionals initiated an innovative experiment with the goal of transforming the field of nonprofit financial management. The creation of BTQ Financial was a collaboration of government entities, nonprofits, foundations and individuals that believed that there was a better way to meet the requirements of good financial management.

Over the past decade, BTQ has grown rapidly and its outsource portfolio continues to grow as more and more nonprofit managers seek out financial outsourcing as realistic and cost-effective option for better business management. Today, combined revenue of BTQ's nonprofit clients stands at over $600 million.

A national leader in the field of specialized nonprofit outsourcing, BTQ employs over 50 professional staff in its New York Office. This includes a highly-talented management team that oversees all aspect of client portfolios and recruits top personnel with extensive backgrounds in the private, public, nonprofit and international finance sectors.

BTQ remains focused on growing and innovating its services to the nonprofit sector and is uniquely positioned to understand and manage the diverse needs of the nonprofit sector.